A Map of My Garden

FirstYearGarden 2016 with ID

I updated the map of my little garden with the names of the plants. The perspective for the pavers isn’t right … but it’s a pretty accurate representation of what I’ve got in this little garden that’s about 15′ x 15′ – give or take a bit. In my garden I have: two different types of purslane, marigolds that haven’t flowered yet (started from seed), a Plumbago shrub, purple Mexican Heather, Angelonia Serenita (a beautiful purple perennial), two sunflowers I started from seed that are fairly established and growing, a calamondin lime tree, a dwarf pomegranate tree, two ponytail palms, several varieties of cacti, and that’s not all. I only started this garden in May, and it’s already getting crowded! I am moving the pavers and getting more, and I am painting all the paves blue in the fall or late summer.

Here’s what it looks like in real life …

Florida Garden 2016.jpg


14 thoughts on “A Map of My Garden

  1. I like the asymmetrical layout of the pavers. My mom likes purslane too. They’re all done now, but in my garden there were potatoes and onions, also beans that are almost dried for next year, and other things. 🙂

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