Ixora and Ferns

cynthia maniglia - another shade of vibrantI am amazed by how I can look and see so deeply in my garden that the images burn into memory and I can recreate them with simple brush strokes, no photos required. Two Shades of Vibrant Florida Color, from my garden reveries.
Ixora and Ferns by Cynthia Maniglia.jpeg

Ixora and Ferns – original artwork by Cynthia Maniglia



Apparently, from what my fabulous Facebook friends and family who live here in Florida tell me, not everyone’s canna is in bloom right now. But ours is. And so I must paint them. Here they are in watercolor, and perhaps this is a quick study for an acrylic painting. I will see where the spirit takes me.

Canna – watercolor – C. Maniglia
C. maniglia

I can’t believe on my Facebook gardening group post, this is getting over 200 likes – LOL!

Egg Day

Egg Day journal:sketchbook pages - Cynthia Maniglia - gouache
Cynthia Maniglia – sketchbook – gouache

Every other day, my sweetie makes us breakfast. It’s always the same thing. We call it “Egg day,” for obvious reasons. And it’s what’s for breakfast tomorrow. Can’t wait …