De Soto National Park

De Soto National Park ~ Bradenton, Florida. I was there this week and this tree by the water caught my eye. I was attracted to the water which had an orange tinge to it, and how the tree framed the view. Watercolor with a round brush and Bombay ink applied with a glass dip pen. I also used a sponge to apply the shadows and texturize the sand in the foreground.Desoto National Park - Florida - Watercolor and Bombay Ink - Sand Salt Moon - Cynthia Maniglia.jpg

I took lots of photos of things I wanted to paint.

When I paint from photos in the studio, I look at them on my computer or mobile phone and more often than not, simply keep looking back and forth between the paper and the screen, painting directly without doing a pencil sketch first. I find this method keeps my painting more lively, as if I were actually painting “en plein air.”

Desoto Watercolor - Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon.jpg

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