About Sand Salt Moon

49c53222a1da49ce8cb68b763c327a2c_2I’m a writer by trade and an artist by passion and genetics (my father is an artist). In the past, I’ve made jewelry and hand-made cards that were sold on Rodeo Drive in California and high-end gift shops nationwide. It’s been a while since I’ve seriously pursed my artistic bent, although I am avid photographer and cook (developing baker). So I’ve decided to take up watercolor again (and mixed media) to make improvements I never had the time or energy in the past to make, to see where this takes me. This is my journey.

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Want to buy something? My work is available on a variety of fun and useful products – from art prints to pillows, duvet covers and rugs, to beach towels, make-up bags and more. Shop now at https://society6.com/sandsaltmoon. Check for savings, promotions and deals like FREE worldwide shipping. (Follow my Facebook page if you want to get information about promotions in your FB feed.)

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63 thoughts on “About Sand Salt Moon

      1. It’s good to have a habit like this! 😉
        When I’m not at school and doing the interior work, then I usually sew and make jewelry at home. a lot to myself and then it’s good to have such a hobby.

        Right now I’m making my own collection of clothes and accessories for myself. The theme has something about winter, royal and a little typical Norwegian adventure.

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  1. Lovely painting of your Bichon. Thank you for visiting and the follow on my site. I have so enjoyed your pages and your creative journey. Looking forward to visiting often and the creative adventures to come. Peace.

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  2. That’s so beautiful I loved to visit all your Blog and enjoy your Art. We have several things in common which I just discovered reading your about post. I am an Artist, my father is an Artist, I love painting with watercolors and I love photography beside my Jewelry design, I am what people say a multi-talented 😉 I am Italian grow up there and moved to USA in 2002 of course I love to cook great healthy food! Cheers

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  3. Hello, thank you Sand for visiting my site and for the follow. I had a look and what you are doing and it looks interesting, I love the colours you are using and how your work is staying bright and fresh. I shall follow with interest. Sue

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  4. Looking forward to seeing more of your creative artworks and paintings – have a great time exploring. Cute little Bichon! Nice to meet you Sand and thank you for following my blog!

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  5. HI, Thank you for visiting my page. We seem to have a lot in common in the painting and photography area..possible cooking (I used to do much more when my children were young) but not so much in the writing department. 😉
    I am looking forward to seeing your work, so far I really like your color palette, it is deliciously engaging, soft and pastel-like yet bright and flowery.


  6. Keep painting & practicing every day. Watch demonstrations of excellent painters. Watch how they apply brush strokes. They make every stroke count. I often look at the masters…John Singer Sargent’s watercolors are amazing! Good luck with your pursuit.

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  7. Good on you. Get on and explore, but get some advice – it can save a lot of time. Join an art group where there are some practitioners who will generally give you good tips and assistance. Lessons can be very expensive and can sidetrack you so are best avoided, until you have clear and specific needs.. Also develop your drawing, it is so key. Life drawing groups are great. I participate in a few and they also allow you to explore different media (again, avoid classes, but practising in a group will allow to see what others are doing and people are generous with help and advice.

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