Moon Tea

The Path By Our Neighbor’s House

Acrylic on canvas, 24×18 inches, by Cynthia M. Maniglia

This painting was going to go by my treadmill, but when I fold up the treadmill it hides the painting. So I put it in our bathroom, above the vanity and next to the medicine cabinet so I could look at it every day! Now I still need something for by the treadmill that will be nice to look at while I work out. Next!

Pineapple still life

My first oil painting! I’ve been using everything but oils due to the fact that (a) I thought they would be too messy/too much trouble to get into and therefore never bought any to try out. I think I like working with oils, since they take longer to dry, there’s a nice aspect of working “wet in wet” and being able to swirl the paint around for a bit before it dries, plus the oil paint can be thinned out for the initial layer and act like a more transparent medium. I plan to invest more time and effort with oil paints now. Feeling good for branching out and experimenting, happy with the results!

Ringling Mansion, Ca d’Zan – acrylic on canvas

Ringling mansion (Ca d’Zan, which is Venetian for “House of John”) was inspired by and built in the Venetian Gothic style. Ca d’Zan is one of the first sights I went to see upon arriving in Sarasota! It was the winter home of American circus owner, John Ringling and his wife Mable, and the mansion overlooks Tampa Bay.

Acrylic on canvas, 8″10*. #cadzan #theringling #ringlingmansion #floridaartist #sarasotaflorida #Sarasota #sarasotacounty #floridasightseeing #ringlingseries