Little Yellow Flower


Outside watering the plants this morning before going to work, and I found two yellow flowers growing in the grass. I plucked one and had a few minutes to draw/paint it before I had to go in the shower. Here it is!


Food for Squirrels

Mixed media: wax resist, watercolor, white chalk paint, Bombay India InkThe Last of The Sunflowers - Mixed Media - Cynthia ManigliaI call this “Sunflower Memories.” The squirrels have discovered the seeds in the sunflowers in my garden and are having a jolly old time feast.

Springing Forward with Floral


My watercolor painting depicts a large rose among two purple trumpet blooms, two Enchinacea flowers, and pink carnations with a red background. Loosely rendered with a single round brush.

I spent a small fortune at the garden center today ~ a Knock-Out (R) rose bush, a Tropicana Cana (with yellow and orange flowers and really cool leaves), a very colorful hibiscus plant, two bougainvilleas, a cacti, and a succulent, plus some potting soil. The other day, I purchased plants too from a local nursery. Needless to say, I have a lot of digging to do. For now, everything is sitting in pots in the garden waiting for their new spots. My hope is everything likes its new home in my garden, flourishes, and will be ready, willing, and able subjects for watercolor and acrylic paintings. That means making it through the Florida summer heat and hurricane season.

With this watercolor, my goal was to lay in a stroke and then move on. keep the colors clear and not muddy, get some transparent washes works, a little wet in wet for interest, and keep it very spontaneous. I like how this came out. It’s happy!



Just Art Journaling

Cynthia Maniglia - Art Journal.jpg

On the right was a page I wasn’t satisfied with … so I went back in and … well, this happened. Dried, purple bougainvillea blooms are glued to the page. The left page is still wet. I spend a lot of time gardening, in real life and in my journal.

Studying the wild parrots


I don’t usually write in my art journal, so this was a bit out of my comfort zone. Collage, mixed media. This is part of my prep to paint a large canvas in acrylic featuring wild parrots (Nanday parrots) and sunflowers in my garden. Lately, the birds have been stopping by to check on the sunflowers which are in bloom but still have a few weeks to go before they bear seeds to eat. My next foray with this subject matter will be a delicate watercolor. I’m honing in on the parrots because they are hard to observe and photograph from afar, and I need to learn more about their colors and anatomy.

It’s fun to sit on the front patio with a cup of coffee and watch for the parrots to come…