Imagined Garden

Imagined Garden by Cynthia Maniglia
Imagined Garden by Cynthia Maniglia

Mixed media: gesso, dried leaves, flower petal, stem, watercolor, marker, metallic ink.

I like to use Gesso in my journal to “refinish” pages that, because the paper is thin, have paint that has seeped through the other side and render the reverse page “unusable.” Sometimes, I doodle over the seeped through paint and try to use it in a design. On two pages in my journal I had pressed flowers glued to the pages that were turning brown and flaking off. So I gessoed over them, and then because I didn’t let the wet pages dry enough, they stuck together. I tried to rip the pages apart and ended up with what I considered a good “ground” for a new abstract experiment. Last night, I worked with the glued-together-torn-apart page in watercolor, marker and metallic ink.

If look close you will see the remnants of the pressed leaves, a petal, and folded/glued paper creating unusual contours. Since I just made up the leaves and shapes without looking at anything, creating from memory, I call this “Imagined Garden.”

31 thoughts on “Imagined Garden

  1. Oh, I love this one!!! I love gardens, and flowers of all kinds, and I LOVE gardening!!! And I love your imagined garden here, because it has the same slightly chaotic structure as nature. It´s really wonderful!!!

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  2. Gesso is such a saviour and this page is gorgeous. I like the way you kept working with the page until you got it to work and the picture has such depth. Mixed media gives you so many more options, don’t you just love it. Karen

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  3. Gesso is such a fun medium. Sometimes I randomly paint gesso over my page and add watercolor. And I love gesso with Inktense pencils.. I love all the texture here. Beautiful!

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