Adding Texture to my Journal – Literally

I’m a big fan of texture and creating it with colors and paint. After my Imagined Garden journal page, where I worked with a glued-together-torn-apart page with bits of nature stuck into it, too, I decided to keep up the vibe on another journal spread. Since I am still coming off a stripe mindset from my Textile Orbit stripe challenge project, I was still thinking about up-and-down lines. Here the stripes are less of a motive or pattern but more a part of a vertical texture. And then I got a little freaky and tore up little squares and glued them on the opposite page in a vertical manner. At night, I like to sit at my drawing table next to the lamp by the window and get lost in colors and shapes like this.

Watercolor, marker, nail polish, gesso, Elmer's glue, graphite on paper.  cynthia maniglia 2015 Scan 1 (1) WP_20151002_002 (1) WP_20151003_003 (1) WP_20151003_004 (1) WP_20151003_005 (1)


25 thoughts on “Adding Texture to my Journal – Literally

  1. I love how all the cool colors came together to give such an inviting feeling.
    My eyes naturally travel to that triangular patch of light blue, like I’m walking through a peaceful bamboo forest looking up at the sky.

    Pink was a nice touch too, adds the right amount of warmth to add a sense of variety, but not too much to be overwhelming or distracting. Really cool!

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    1. Thanks, Barry – sometimes I wonder if I’m going a little crazy with it, but it’s what I love to do so I am just going with it, what the hey. Your words mean a lot.


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