The Beach and my mini succulent garden

This is the beach in my mind that I painted last night, and the beach we actually saw today (photo). It was ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so nice to walk in the sand and surf. I didn’t take my paints along because it was time devoted to being with my sweetie. But I did take lots of photos.WP_20160417_057.jpg

Coquino Beach, Florida – one of the cleanest beaches in the U.S.

Here’s my mini succulent garden, potted in a teacup, that I made after our BBQ dinner tonight. I can’t wait to watch it “fill in” as it grows. I plan to keep it up in the loft, on my artist’s desk.


And here’s the corn on the cob I drew/painted last night (pencil and watercolor) … just because. WP_20160417_056.jpg


Must Get To Beach


Watercolor, dry pastel, marker, and gesso on sketchbook paper. Mixed media and collage. Cynthia Maniglia, 2016


Two days off from work. One scene in my sketchbook done. Yesterday, feeling very “Southern,” I baked corn bread and whipped up some homemade gravy. Vac’d and dusted.  The palm tree is in our backyard. The sky and sea are imagined.


I Could Live Here ~ example of glazing watercolor technique

“I Could Live Here” – watercolor on 140 lb. paper

This is a gift for a friend who is planning to move to the beach near where we will be living in Florida. She asked me to do something “beachy, with blue and white and palm trees.” Here you can see work in progress, as I built up layers using a watercolor technique called “glazing” and metallic pan paints.WP_20150530_035


“I Could Live Here” – watercolor by C. Maniglia 2015

Sand, Surf, Sea


Moving closer to the beach later this year. Not there yet, so all I can do is imagine. Sand, surf, sea. I made some revisions to improve this based on feedback from cavepainter. (Thanks!) I paint better with a reference – either a photo or working from real life. I find it’s hard to just wing it and get something with true clarity. How about you?

Seascape miniature vignettes

WP_20150411_027Credit-card sized seascape practice pieces, four on a homemade 140 lb block – watercolor and graphite with gouache accents. It was 5 days since I’ve had brush in hand, and oh, it felt good today to paddle away with strokes of color and get lost at sea … WP_20150411_027 - Version 2WP_20150411_013 WP_20150411_008WP_20150411_016  WP_20150411_009

Practicing color matching – Seafoam and Sunrise

WP_20150315_010Here are bottom portions of my watercolor painting that I cut away, placed over the reference photo I used, to show how close I got with the colors. Verdict from last night’s practice: I bit off more than I could chew.

I chose the reference photo for its colors and hoped to recreate the sunrise effect. I knew the sea foam and texture of the water would be a challenge.

WP_20150315_008Success was in my ability to capture many of the colors, yet the sea foam’s shapes in the ocean, the waves in the water, and the transition of sand to sea totally alluded me. WP_20150315_014Today, I set sail in another direction, and take the lessons of this practice piece with me.