Ballerina in Black



Pencil and watercolor ~ practicing figure drawing. While I was working on this, George Michael’s song with the lyrics “I’m never going to dance again, guilty feet I’ve got no rhythm” (Careless Whispers) was playing.

Under drawing – Cynthia Maniglia


Cameos have been on my mind. Here is my made up cluster of cameo pins. This was fun to work on in my sketchbook tonight. I want to go back in tomorrow and add some shadows and finish up a couple of the faces. Cameos carved from shell are my favorite. Typically oval in shape, a cameo consists of a portrait in profile carved in relief on a background of a different color.

Mixed media in my sketchbook ~ Cameos ~ watercolor, pencil, pastels, marker, and gesso.

cameos work in progress - cynthia maniglia.jpg
Cameos ~ Cynthia Maniglia

Walking Around The Yard

Walking around the Florida yard with my mini Moleskin, I quickly sketched a few of the plants I saw, enjoying the fine weather and sun. I came inside and added some color to my sketches, then photographed them outside, and here are my quick studies for your viewing pleasure.

Cactus flower – Moleskin sketch – pencil and marker
Oleander pod and cactus – pencil and marker
Aloe Vera – pencil, marker and pastels


Pink Etched Floral


This started with a little pencil sketch in my Moleskin. My goal was to try to create floral shapes using etched-like marks since I wasn’t using paint to represent shadows and mid-tones. I imported the pencil sketch into Affinity Designer and added color digitally. The result is what I call “Pink Etched Floral.”

pencil sketch for pink etched floral
pencil sketch for pink etched floral } CYNTHIA MANIGLIA

One of my Facebook friends said, “This would make a nice wallpaper.” That was nice to hear! I defnitely want to do more of this. It’s a great technique to create a loose line drawing and then add color in the computer for surface design work.

Thank you for taking a look here, your “Likes” and comments. Enjoy the weekend!