A Good Tropical Pattern With a Black Background

A Good Tropical Pattern With a Black Background is Hard to Find | Cynthia Maniglia
A Good Tropical Pattern With a Black Background is Hard to Find | Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon

I can totally see this as a fabric for transitional clothing – you know the pants, tops, skirts and dresses you buy in late July, early August, and plan to wear through September and early October. In the summer you wear it with your wicker handbag and strappy sandals or flip flops. In Indian Summer, early fall, you’d layer it with a lightweight black sweater or knit topper and a pair it up with a pair of black ballet flats. I call this “A Good Tropical Print With a Black Background is Hard to Find.” Marker and pencil on sketchbook paper. Inspired by my walk yesterday …

Afternoon Walk.jpg

Candy Stripes – Leafy, Sea and Surf Stripes


Candy Stripes – watercolor pencil, colored pencil, and water soluble marker – Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon

Candy colored stripes in my watercolor sketchbook tonight. Pink, lavender, green, yellow… I have some paintings planned for the weekend but am too tired to start prepping for them so this is just a warm up. It reminds me of a pretty striped wide brimmed hat I almost bought today to wear when I’m out in the sun for protection. I think I’ll go back to the store and get it.

Working a little more in this theme, I filled a page of my sketchbook with some leafy green, sea and surf colored stripes. And here’s a shot of my tea cup cacti garden, which is coming along nicely. It’s starting to get hot, hot, hot in Florida, upper 80’s today.

Leafy, Sea and Surf Stripes – watercolor, water soluble marker, pastel and gesso – Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon


That Thing You Do

Still working a little outside my comfort zone – turning my collage from yesterday into a colorful and funky digital pattern. Has a bit of an 80’s vibe. And as you might expect from me, it’s NOT subtle. Bold colors. Here it is on a clock …


that thing you do pattern.jpg
That Thing You Do – pattern – Cynthia Maniglia

We went out to dinner tonight and I had time to download my photos from the other day and this morning which I hope to use for reference in some new things I plan to draw and paint. Looking forward to a painterly weekend. ~

Playing around with filters

WP_20160421_011 (2)I’m thinking hibiscus, animal print, orange, purple, and brown … in my watercolor sketchbook tonight. In an earlier post, I talked a little about how the lighting (warm, cool, natural, artificial) affects digital images when we take photos of our work. Here, I am playing around with filters on the photographs – the top image uses iPhoto’s “Chrome” photo filter and the image below uses my Lumia phone’s “Warm Copper” filter.

For this piece, I used white acrylic gesso over watercolor – you can see the raised textural white areas where I applied the gesso. You can see where I scraped into the paint using the wooden end of one of my small paint brushes to create lines in the gesso.

The flatter white areas in this piece are where the paper shows through – it’s actually more of an ivory/cream color, not white white like the gesso.

I also used brown watercolor paint (burnt umber) and a brown water-based marker on this piece.
cynthia maniglia leopard hibiscus.jpgWP_20160421_006.jpg

Tropic of Lemon

Living in Florida, of course we have a lemon tree. I took a walk out back this afternoon and noticed it was blossoming. We will have lemons but we will have to wait until summer for the tree to bear fruit. I see lemonade in our future! In the meantime, I created a little pattern in celebration of the coming lemon season … TROPIC OF LEMON by Cynthia Maniglia.jpg

This design is in my Society6 shop and I treated myself to a carry-all pouch with this pattern, as well as a tote bag and a carry-all pouch for my mom with the cameo design I recently created, as everything (except framed prints) are 15% off with FREE shipping (worldwide) today – woo-hoo.

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I decided on this tote for myself and plan to use it to tote things to work with me (like my lunch, maybe a book, etc.).

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feeling ferny

I was looking at a lot of ferns today. Tomorrow, we’re going to visit the Manatee Art Center, and I can’t wait.

CYNTHIA MANIGLIA – “FERNS” – watercolor, Sharpie fine point black ink, and markers on 140 lb. sketchbook paper