Fruit and Flowers

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Artwork by Sand Salt Moon’s Cynthia Maniglia

Hibiscus Tangle

Hibiscus Tangle by Cynthia Maniglia.jpg

Hi, ‘biscus! This was created using a dip pen and red ink on a pink gessoed page covered with a green leaved background which was drawn using a marker.

Fall Floral

Fall Floral 2016 is a digital design created in Affinity Designer.fall-floral-2016

I worked with a mouse, gradient fills, and layers to create this fall floral pattern.


rose petals.jpg
Rose Petals – Watercolor and digital art – CYNTHIA MANIGLIA

These are watercolor! Looks like a photograph, but it’s painted. Delicate and soft. Translucent, watercolor, rose petals. I used my painting from the other day, imported it into Affinity Designer, and then layered the painting a few times, using different percentages of opacity and rotating the image different ways.