The Garden Page – Art Journal

Art Journal | Garden Page | 9-28-16 | Sand Salt Moon.jpg
The Garden Page | Art Journal | Sand Salt Moon

This is something a little new to me, art journaling. It’s not so much compositionally focused, but more an exploration. This page was made using collage, watercolor, dip pen and ink, markers, and chalk paint. The three pots of herbs I painted from my imagination the other day, and the yellow flower bud in the right corner is from my garden. The garden, outdoors, and nature are a never-ending source of inspiration.

The Duck

The Duck - work in progress, 1 of 3.jpg

Feeling a little meh last night, I painted a duck. I wasn’t happy with the background, so I cut it out. This morning, I pasted the watercolor duck onto a page of my Bee Paper Company sketchbook. I liked the softness of the watercolor background and realism, but I wanted to build it up with more color, so I did.

The Duck - work in progress, 2 of 3.jpg

I enjoyed adding the colors. My mood lifted.

Looking back on the photos, I kind of like the first one
and wouldn’t have minded if I stopped there.
But then I wouldn’t have had all the fun of adding all the colors …

The Duck socialThe Duck is collage, watercolor, acrylic, and marker
on paper in a Bee Paper Company sketchbook, 9″ x 9″.

A Good Tropical Pattern With a Black Background

A Good Tropical Pattern With a Black Background is Hard to Find | Cynthia Maniglia
A Good Tropical Pattern With a Black Background is Hard to Find | Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon

I can totally see this as a fabric for transitional clothing – you know the pants, tops, skirts and dresses you buy in late July, early August, and plan to wear through September and early October. In the summer you wear it with your wicker handbag and strappy sandals or flip flops. In Indian Summer, early fall, you’d layer it with a lightweight black sweater or knit topper and a pair it up with a pair of black ballet flats. I call this “A Good Tropical Print With a Black Background is Hard to Find.” Marker and pencil on sketchbook paper. Inspired by my walk yesterday …

Afternoon Walk.jpg

Nature Trail

Nature Trail – Watercolor, pastel on 140 lb cold-pressed paper – Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon

Our neighbors have a nature trail that they let us use. I’ve walked and bike rode through this trail, alone and with my sweetie, alone happy and alone sad. This trail helps bring me back to a happy place, or at least a more level-headed place when I feel out of sorts. It’s so much more to me than what meets the eye.

Quickie watercolor painting with chalk pastel.




Good Morning, Florida

Good Morning, Florida ~ Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon
View from my studio – back acres in Florida
My design assistant approving the work

I’m calling this “Good Morning, Florida.” Mixed media. I haven’t scanned this and plan to put this on some fun items in my Society6 shop (which, by the way, is offering FREE shipping worldwide now through May 15th).

P.S. Thanks to those who have bought from my shop! I just saw these two items flew out the other day …

Floral Romance Tote 
Flamingos and Palms carry-all pouch