More Little Sketchbook Pages

Still doodling in my little black sketchbook. This reminds me of waterfalls. Marker and white Bombay India Ink.


And here is a fall/pine cone inspired design I drew and colored on the inside cover of my little black sketchbook using a Micron black ink fine point pen for the line art and a rusty-brown Crayola brand marker for the background.



Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! So glad the humidity dropped with the temperatures here in Florida and I was able to sit outside for almost an hour after dinner tonight.

Scribble, Scrabble

Can’t think, brain numb.
Inspiration won’t come.
No ink. Bum pen.
Something, something
– A little ditty in an old school “autograph” book.
(I can’t remember all of the lines!)

The other night, I wanted to draw, but I didn’t know what.
So I scribbled in my journal with markers.
scribbling-it-out-in-my-journal-sand-salt-moonMy journal page reminded me of a photo I took
earlier in the week of a flower …

On My Desk Today

This was the last thing I did today … Bombay ink and watercolor. Based on a little flowery thing I found in the sweet potato garden bed.

Some markers. Some ink. Some watercolor. Some time spent just playing, meditating, and being in the moment. I have so many things I want to do, it’s good to just “do” something without thinking too much and let the hand and eye go with the flow.

A design made with brown marker
More doodle-y designs in marker

A Good Tropical Pattern With a Black Background

A Good Tropical Pattern With a Black Background is Hard to Find | Cynthia Maniglia
A Good Tropical Pattern With a Black Background is Hard to Find | Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon

I can totally see this as a fabric for transitional clothing – you know the pants, tops, skirts and dresses you buy in late July, early August, and plan to wear through September and early October. In the summer you wear it with your wicker handbag and strappy sandals or flip flops. In Indian Summer, early fall, you’d layer it with a lightweight black sweater or knit topper and a pair it up with a pair of black ballet flats. I call this “A Good Tropical Print With a Black Background is Hard to Find.” Marker and pencil on sketchbook paper. Inspired by my walk yesterday …

Afternoon Walk.jpg

Happy Spring


I never know what’s going to turn up in my sketchbook when I go upstairs to the loft, sit down in my little studio by the balcony, pick up a paintbrush and go at it without any plan or intention other than to make something pretty. Flowers are my go-to – as is trying to create a textile pattern. So I was surprised when this happened to show up in my sketchbook last night. Happy Spring!

Happy Spring – Cynthia Maniglia
Like this? It’s in my shop …


Cameos have been on my mind. Here is my made up cluster of cameo pins. This was fun to work on in my sketchbook tonight. I want to go back in tomorrow and add some shadows and finish up a couple of the faces. Cameos carved from shell are my favorite. Typically oval in shape, a cameo consists of a portrait in profile carved in relief on a background of a different color.

Mixed media in my sketchbook ~ Cameos ~ watercolor, pencil, pastels, marker, and gesso.

cameos work in progress - cynthia maniglia.jpg
Cameos ~ Cynthia Maniglia

Faded Folksy Floral

Folksy Floral design by Cynthia Maniglia

One of my watercolor friends on Facebook said she wishes she could draw florals. I said I could draw them all day! She’s a wonderful landscape artist. Seriously, I could draw this kind of thing from now til doomsday and never tire of it. I hope you’re not tired of seeing it on my blog! I call this “Faded Folksy Floral” ~ watercolor, water soluble marker, and pink ink on paper. Have a colorful, joyful day!

Faded Folksy Floral by Cynthia Maniglia
Faded Folksy Floral by Cynthia Maniglia