Fun & YUMMY new project!

On my Instagram account (, I’m posting a series of recipe index cards which I’ve created using mixed media (primarily watercolor, some ink, pen, and a little bit of collage too in unexpected ways) for the Index-Card-A-Day challenge going by the hashtag #dyicad2022 – and I’m having a blast! I made the Quick Pickled Onions recipe below. And I’m going to make a Zucchini Brownie recipe next (once I get the ingredients) that I haven’t posted yet on my Instagram account.

If you want to see my easy-to-make the Strawberry and Blackberry Icebox Cake recipe (healthy and low cal, would be great for the 4th of July or Labor Day parties) that I made for my birthday recently, please visit my Instagram account – it was out of this world. Let me know if you try it!

Egg Day

Egg Day journal:sketchbook pages - Cynthia Maniglia - gouache
Cynthia Maniglia – sketchbook – gouache

Every other day, my sweetie makes us breakfast. It’s always the same thing. We call it “Egg day,” for obvious reasons. And it’s what’s for breakfast tomorrow. Can’t wait …

Day 16 – Barbeques and Bonfires

toasted marshmallows - cynthia maniglia.jpgToday’s #WorldWatercolorMonth prompt is “Barbaques & Bonfires,” and at our house, that means toasting marshmallows to me! Here’s a triple stack of nicely toasted (not burnt) schmellows. Watercolor and gouache on tan toned paper. #toastedmarshmallows #art #BBQ #watercolor #yummy ūüėč And P.S. This was a cool ūüėé challenge to try to paint ūüé® for me. If you can tell what it is, I’m happy!

P.P.S. I spell it Barbeque – an acceptable spelling, although you may spell it Barbecue. I also like the abbreviation, BBQ! According to Wikipedia …

While the standard modern English spelling of the word is barbecue, variations including barbeque and truncations such as bar-b-q or BBQ may also be found. The spelling barbeque is given in Merriam-Webster and the Oxford Dictionaries as a variant.


Nectarines - watercolor journal
Pigma Archival “Brush” ink, watercolor and water-soluble wax pastels in my journal on gessoed paper. Cynthia Maniglia, 2015

Today, the Philadelphia Watercolor Society liked my Sand Salt Moon Facebook page, so I guess I need to start painting and posting some “serious” watercolor art to try and impress them, lol. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite summertime fruit. I thought this looked very “childish” whilst I was drawing it in my watercolor journal, but then after I photographed it I thought the skin on the fruit looks rather lifelike. That’s the point of a journal sketchbook – to experiment and try things out, even if it’s not a “painting.” From this little exercise in my journal, I explored color. These nectarines were colored from memory, without looking at the fruit. I’ve eaten so many in my lifetime and love them so much, I feel confident just getting out my reds, yellows and oranges and having at it.

Happy Summer!

Cantina Watermelon

Cantina Watermelon 1

Cantina Watermelon
Cantina Watermelon – mixed watermedia by Cynthia Maniglia, 2015

Eye candy in my watercolor journal. Playing with water-soluble wax pastels. Also used bits of watercolor pencil that had broken off instead of throwing away, holding like chalk and rubbing against the paper. 

Cocktails for Six

Cheers to You ~ playing around with a pink pencil and watercolors in my journal this afternoon. Maybe because I went to Happy Hour yesterday with a friend and we had a good time. It’s five o’clock somewhere …

Pink pencil and watercolor - cocktails and palm pattern in Lilly Pulitzer looking colors
Pink pencil and watercolor

Draw First, Then Eat


So it’s my birthday. Today. Tonight, I’m having pizza and ice cream. Tomorrow is my “party” with cake. Two mini bundt cakes for tomorrow. Draw first, then eat. And I treated myself to some birthday gift – the new watercolor journal with lots of pages and 140 lb. paper, three tubes of Cotman watercolor paint, my QoR set, and some inexpensive but potentially fun metallic watercolors. My centerpiece used to be a single rose until a lovely bouquet arrived today from my sweetie with lots of roses and other color flowers in a Mason jar (my new water holder for painting?). Shall I paint them? I dunno. I’m kind of un-obsessed with flowers and onto bigger and better things. Like cake. And oh, yeah, that seascape I have to do for a friend who requested it. Well, off to enjoy the rest of the day. Hope you are enjoy ¬†the weekend. Cheers!