Boats docked, Bradenton Riverwalk

Acrylic on Canvas, by C. Maniglia

Petrea Bush by Garden Gate


Petrea bush at garden gate - acrylic by Cynthia Maniglia.jpg

Here it is, almost done. The Petrea (also know as “Queen’s Wreath”) bush and garden gate at Crowley Nursery & Garden in Sarasota, Florida. Acrylic painting, work in progress. Just need to put a few more finishing touches and sign. I love the color and atmosphere of this piece. It was fun to paint.

Sketch First, Then Paint

I’m glad I sketched this scene first (see my previous post). I’ve always wanted to sketch things out before painting them but never did. For my last two acrylic paintings, I’ve finally given this practice a go – and  I’m glad I’ve learned the advantages/benefits of doing this. Sketching first helps me work a few things in my mind and plan a little before putting brush to canvas.

In the past, sketching first seemed like an added layer “work” to me. I liked to approach a painting very spontaneously. After all, to me sketching was sketching – seemed to be more about lines and drawing – and painting was painting, freer and more about color. I don’t feel that way any more. Sketching is becoming more about tone, value, proportion, perspective, and color too as I add it onto the page.

As I approach a sketch, I think to myself that I am exploring the subject matter and I let that sense of exploration guide me. In my my mind, I’m thinking how would I handle that if I were painting it? What kind of shapes are these? Is this something I want to explore more in a painting? Now, I like to sketch first, then paint!

Florida Cordyline

Florida Cordyline - Sand Salt Moon | Cynthia Maniglia
Florida Cordyline – Sand Salt Moon | Cynthia Maniglia

Acrylic, finished and installed in our bathroom. 🙂

I worked from memory and a photo on my cell phone of the Cordyline plant that is in front of our house. I wished I had cut one of the leaves off the plant to take up to the studio so I could work from real life. Overall, I am pleased with how this turned out, though. The signature is actually green but photographs as if it is dark red! An optical illusion.




Today, my neighbor brought over some gorgeous persimmons that she grew on her farm. So naturally, I had to paint them! OH, and they taste AMAZING.This isn’t done but I am excited about how it’s coming along. Acrylic. I painted this while listening to Brett Dennen and I am hooked on his music. Just downloaded some of his tunes for my MP3 player.

Creating the orange color of the berry was fun – I used yellow ochre, vermillion, and a touch of turquoise Bombay India ink mixed in with my acrylic paint.



Gentle Surf

“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” — Sarah Kay

Gentle Surf | Sand Salt Moon | Acrylic.jpg

Instead of going to the beach, I painted it. “Gentle Surf.” Acrylics on gessoed canvas. Palette: Turquoise, Light Violet, Neon Blue, Aqua Green, Naples Yellow, Silver, Copper, Green Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Bright Blue, Violet, Cerulean Blue, Yellow Ochre. White Gesso. A little watered -down Magenta and Turquoise Bombay India Ink, too! What do you think?

Mother’s Day Gardenia

Mother's Day studio

A Happy Mother’s Day ~ painting gardenia and smelling the flowers this afternoon. We had a cookout and I toasted marshmallows ~ they were yummy.

mothers day gardenia
Mother’s Day Gardenia by Cynthia Maniglia

Work in progress – Mother’s Day Gardenia

Mother’s Day vase of gardenia flowers

Mother’s Day Gardenia was painted on an Artist’s Loft 8″ x 8″ canvas board using Artist’s Loft acrylic paints and gesso.