Something Fun

Koi Pond - Cynthia Maniglia
Cynthia Maniglia

Something fun & summery to brighten your day, “Koi Pond.”


Chloe x2


Cynthia Maniglia.jpg

My favorite “subject” to photograph and now draw, Chloe ~ our little Bichon Frise. She sat still enough for me to capture her … twice! Happy Father’s Day!

Watercolor, colored pencil, marker, and white chalk paint on tan toned paper.

Without Focus

Cynthia Maniglia - journal page.jpgPainting or drawing without focus … without a clear intention … without expectations or ideas. Just seeing where the paint and pen take me. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. It can be ultra frustrating but I try to keep at it and see what I can get out of the exercise. Here, too many colors and not enough clarity … but I say OK.Ā It’s imaginary. I was surprised to find the orange and purple bougainvilleasĀ that I just placed in the garden cropped up here, unintentionally. And I went with that. Maybe a little too far.

The Garden Page – Art Journal

Art Journal | Garden Page | 9-28-16 | Sand Salt Moon.jpg
The Garden Page | Art Journal | Sand Salt Moon

This is something a little new to me, art journaling. It’s not so much compositionally focused, but more an exploration. This page was madeĀ using collage, watercolor, dip pen and ink, markers, and chalk paint. The three pots of herbs I painted from my imagination the other day, and the yellow flower bud in the right corner is from my garden. The garden, outdoors, and nature are a never-ending source of inspiration.