Fruit and Flowers

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Artwork by Sand Salt Moon’s Cynthia Maniglia



“Iris” (Iris pseudacorus) – watercolor and colored pencil, with black acrylic background.

Explosion of Flowers

#WorldWatercolorMonth 2016 | Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon | July 4th
#WorldWatercolorMonth 2016 | Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon | July 4th

July 4th, 2016 ~ An explosion of cheery red and pink flowers against a dark ground. Painted tonight after a long day (I had to work). Inspired by a recent trip to Crowley Nursery and Garden, near where I live in Florida. It was good to relax and paint this holiday evening. Still time to watch the fireworks outside tonight!#WorldWatercolorMonth July 4 2016 |Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon.jpg

Playing around with filters

WP_20160421_011 (2)I’m thinking hibiscus, animal print, orange, purple, and brown … in my watercolor sketchbook tonight. In an earlier post, I talked a little about how the lighting (warm, cool, natural, artificial) affects digital images when we take photos of our work. Here, I am playing around with filters on the photographs – the top image uses iPhoto’s “Chrome” photo filter and the image below uses my Lumia phone’s “Warm Copper” filter.

For this piece, I used white acrylic gesso over watercolor – you can see the raised textural white areas where I applied the gesso. You can see where I scraped into the paint using the wooden end of one of my small paint brushes to create lines in the gesso.

The flatter white areas in this piece are where the paper shows through – it’s actually more of an ivory/cream color, not white white like the gesso.

I also used brown watercolor paint (burnt umber) and a brown water-based marker on this piece.
cynthia maniglia leopard hibiscus.jpgWP_20160421_006.jpg

Today’s watercolor sketchbook page

cynthia maniglia | sand salt moon.jpg
cynthia maniglia | sand salt moon | watercolor and gesso

cynthia maniglia | sand salt moon | watercolor sketchbook.jpg
cynthia maniglia | sand salt moon | watercolor sketchbook

cynthia maniglia | sand salt moon | watercolor and gesso.jpg
cynthia maniglia | sand salt moon | in my watercolor sketchbook today

Watercolor, gesso … and a little water soluble marker and turquoise satin acrylic paint too. Mixing it up. Happy. Painting without any references. Thinking of patterns and textiles.