A Flower in a Flower

Artwork by Cynthia Maniglia
Chinese brush painting, digitized pattern. Available as a print and on a variety of high quality gear here: https://society6.com/product/flying-orchids1529089_print?sku=s6-9646029p4a1v45



Coastal House

coastal house, acrylic on canvas board by cynthia maniglia 2018
coastal house, acrylic on canvas board by cynthia maniglia 2018

Coquina Beach, Florida

Watercolor by Florida artist, Cynthia Maniglia
Watercolor by Florida artist, Cynthia Maniglia

Watercolor, view of the bridge to Longboat Key from the edge of Coquina Beach, Florida. Painted on Strathmore 140 lb cold pressed paper. My reference photo above the painting. I used a sponge for the foreground and a little latex masking fluid, which was still usable and not dried up (found in my supplies). I like how this turned out. I chose the photo to paint because I like how there was a lot of white space and also the composition inviting the viewer into the painting with the palms framing the bridge. Also I like painting palm tree trunks, for some reason.

Unglued collage

unglued collage by cynthia maniglia - sand salt moon blog.jpg

I have so many sketchbooks now. For about 2 years, I sketched daily – with a variety of mediums. Here in Florida, I don’t want to keep accumulating a lot of paper. Since I’ve digitized a lot of my work, I am almost tempted to toss those sketchbooks away. My last sketchbook had a lot of blank pages where paint had spilled or pages I didn’t like, so I tore those pages out and then the book started coming apart at the seam. I was tempted to make it my first sketchbook that I would trash, but instead, tore out the good pages and left them on my desk. What to do with these? Frame them? No – cut out the art and make a giant collage! Right now these pieces from my sketchbook are just laying on top of a blank canvas, unglued, while I think about the arrangement. Then I want to get some acrylic glue medium and glue it all down. Or maybe, as my sweetie suggested, just keep moving them around like a Zen puzzle, and make different arrangements while I meditate on the meaning of art …



Botanical Garden Dream

Botanical Garden Dream - acrylic on canvas by Cynthia Maniglia, 2018.jpg

A botanical garden dream, acrylic on canvas. This painting is based loosely on the Marc Chagall, Flowers and the French Riviera: The Color of Dreams exhibit at Marie Selby Gardens last year. For the exhibit, the garden created likenesses of Chagall’s stained glass windows and put them in the conservatory. Because the painting I did last year was too fussy (believe it or not, fussier than this!), I tried to simplify and abstract, while retaining the main shapes of the glass panes.