New painting for the lanai

Today’s progress


6 thoughts on “New painting for the lanai

    1. Why, thank you and yes I do! Here’s the link:

      It’s called Orchid in Bloom. The link is for the print, but if you scroll down on that page, you’ll see all of the items that are also available with that artwork/design. Hope you find something you like – and always check for promotions (free shipping, %percentages off all or certain products, etc.). There might be a promotion running now, I think … so you can save, save, save! Cheers, Melinda – have a great weekend!

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      1. If you decide to get anything, it’d be great if you show me what you got with a photo and post to my Sand Salt Moon FB page or tag my page and post it. I’d LOVE to see it “in action”! LOL
        And thanks again!


      2. I love it but it’s two inches to big for the spot I have. I also fell in love with a Clock still on my mind. I’ll be back and when order I’ll let you know for your facebook. 🙂


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