psychedelic ladyflowers

Ladyflowers by Cynthia Maniglia.jpg

Something a little different while I take a break from watercolors and the garden …

Digital art, Ladyflowers design by Cynthia Maniglia

Posted in art

6 thoughts on “psychedelic ladyflowers

  1. Hey Cindy
    How have you been
    Its been a while
    But then again
    Its that way now
    Learning to live
    With this new
    Normal,my body
    She no want to
    Work like she use
    To,everyday is different
    Big Cyber Hugs
    As usual Sheldon

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    1. Hugs to you, Sheldon ~ I’ve been good, finally adjusted to Florida as my new home. I will visit PA this spring. I still miss it. New normal, yep – that’s the thing with us all nowadays, I guess. Our bodies change and so do our minds, hearts, and souls. Here’s to best each day! – Cindy


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