Global Elephant & Friends

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11 thoughts on “Global Elephant & Friends

    1. PS The giraffe one has a few blocks of colored paper cut out and glued down – as these are in my sketchbook and I was working out the color scheme ~ and liked it so kept with it for the “piece” on the page. 😀

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  1. Just dropped by to say hello
    To see how you are
    How the friendly skies of FLA
    Is doing these days while we here
    Are eating artisanal ice cream called snow,just thought you would…….
    As Sheldon Always

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    1. Hi, Sheldon – thanks for the note and for stopping by! I’ve been not a very good visitor on WordPress, so please forgive me for not stopping by your blog. But I love this artisanal ice cream you are calling snow – so poetically cool, pun intended. Anyways, yes – I hear it is very cold there but it’s been quite chilly here. The iguanas are falling out of the trees and the geckos are practically frozen! Snow in Tallahassee. Strange things. Stay warm! – Cindy


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