After the storm

Hi, friends! This is my first art post since Hurricane  Irma came to town. We were fortunate to escape without damage to our home and property, as well as no power outage, but so many did not. Counting blessings.

I started this floral page in my sketchbook with one single flower, while we hunkered down as the storm passed over us but was too exhausted and on edge to go further. Yesterday, we took the boards off the window in the artist’s loft, my work area, and I finished the page I started.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers, thoughts, comments, and messages. Take nothing for granted.

Keeping in mind that “it’s not all about us, we were blessed – we need to give back.” – have made a donation online, and I’m learning about new ways to give during this time of need for so many people in our state.


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14 thoughts on “After the storm

    1. Where we were, we were spared – but in Naples, the Everglades, Miami, Hernando county and more – not so good, downright awful and sad. It could have been much worse for the state, you are right, Shawn!


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