Cynthia Maniglia – “Chloe” – 2017

All I can paint today …
Our little Bichon had to have bladder stone surgery. Waiting for her to feel better…
Watercolor and touches of white chalk paint.


18 thoughts on “‘Chloe’

    1. Congratulations on your new kitty, Shawn! She must be so adorable, they all are when they are that young. Wishing lots of love and happiness for your new kitten in her new home with you and your family. Maybe you will paint or draw her, too?


      1. Thank you, I do need to do that too. Putting off housecleaning for a couple of days – resting. Trying to catch up on sleep and maybe do a little exercising. Thank goodness I’ve been eating well. That’s a good thing. Hope you are doing well, yourself. xo

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