#WorldWatercolor Month – Day 6

WP_20170706_18_10_49_ProWow, this was challenging. All of the prompts are, because it challenges us to see what we can create – sometimes we have a real life reference, sometimes we have a photograph, and other times we need to create from memory.

One of my fondest memories of the Jersey shore boardwalk is … the food! I wanted to paint a cup of french fries … or ice cream. Then I ate a box of Cracker Jack and thought of painting that.

Cracker Jack … such a wonderful snack of sweet disappointment. When you eat it, you feel so hopefully indulgent as you roll from the box the first few pieces of crunchy toffee-covered popped corn kernels into your mouth. Memories of weekends spent at the Jersey shore coming floating in, where you remember bags of candy-coated popcorn being one of the many seaside treats along with ice cream and pizza, or, at the very least, saltwater taffy which was the go-to, take home candy.

The sweetly-disappointing experience of eating a box of Cracker Jack begins with the words, “NEW PRIZE INSIDE!” blaring at me as I crunch away. I know the kind of prize I will find in the box, a piece of paper with a temporary tattoo of the baseball on the front of the box or something equally “blah.” I tore into the paper prize anyway, and I was surprised to find a sticker inside. It was a sticker of an angry baseball saying “Catch Me if you can” as it burst through a red star. I put the sticker in my day journal.

Halfway into the box, I am thinking hey, where are the peanuts? Cracker Jack is supposed to be candy-coated popcorn and peanuts. Lo and behold, along comes the nut. Close to the bottom of the box, a half of a nut. Not even a whole one. Well … it was there. I found it. And it was last bite.

A crappy prize and one half of a peanut.

Disappointing, yes.

But oh, so sweet.

Here’s my painting for the boardwalk prompt today, #WorldWatercolorMonth – Day 6.


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