Art Journaling

WP_20170504_18_47_17_ProArt journaling is becoming more and more something that I am finding increasingly fun. It’s a good place to recycle ideas, cut and paste, recolor, and explore.

The biggest allure for me with an art journal is actually something I can’t quite show you unless you were to actually feel and see my art journal “in the real.”

It’s texture.

Texture is something that can be hard to photograph. Photographic images can flatten texture.

But I like the FEEL of the pages, running my fingers over the brush strokes edged in a layer of gesso or chalk paint … enjoying the scratchy or smooth patches of particular pages … thumbing through weighty pigments on pages pasted with paper and even dried, pressed flowers … nested with a flow of emotions, as I recall the days and times spent creating no matter what my day was like or wasn’t like.

It’s also the freedom and the joy of being creative in one own’s space.

That’s my art journal and I am honored to share it with you.


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