Marc Chagall Exhibit at Selby Gardens, FL


Excited to be working on a new acrylic painting (16″ x 19″) based on my visit to Selby Gardens – Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and their wonderful conservatory, which has been redesigned and decked out to celebrate the artwork of Marc Chagall. Here, you can see my work in progress after two sessions of painting today. I still have a lot to do! Probably four or five more sessions. I’ll be working on the post and beam on the right side of the painting – it is too stark and needs to have shadows of leaves and plants. And I have tons of orange flowers to paint, per my reference photo: (Note – I don’t trace the photo onto the canvas. Instead, I use it as if it were “live” and think back to being in the scene, in the moment, and then paint what I see and feel.)WP_20170327_10_45_48_Pro 2.jpgThis is actually a very busy photograph, so I am also simplifying the scene, Below you can see photos I took of my work in progress, from my initial session, where I laid down colors over a rough chalk pastel drawing on a black. brown and purple mixed colored ground.

About the scene: The arches are actually reproductions of Chagall’s stained glass works, transparent vinyl panels that have been installed in Selby’s conservatory, along with many beautiful flowers (which I have yet to paint on this canvas). Check back for more work in progress shots of this painting.…/marc-chagall-flowers-french-riviera-col…/ Exhibit runs now through July, in Sarasota, FL.WP_20170405_15_43_47_Pro.jpgWP_20170405_15_51_18_Pro.jpgWP_20170405_15_52_13_Pro.jpg

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