For my fashion follower friends ~ shoes!


Shoes for Spring! Colored pencil ~ from imagination, designs I made up.
I feel like doing more!

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4 thoughts on “For my fashion follower friends ~ shoes!

  1. i don’t know if you know this, and i didn’t until i asked someone, but the only way to leave comments is to click on the title and it brings me to the full site. i couldn’t figure it out and someone told me they couldn’t leave comments. it turned out it was the plan i chose. it was a free one and it was like yours, you have to go to the actual site. it’s true with tons of people. maybe you know about it and want it that way? maybe lots and lots of people know so it’s not an issue? lol

    in answer to your question, because of my illnesses i HAVE to live in the moment or i’d go nuts. i can’t think, i’m going to be in this pain for almost everyday for the rest of my life. decades.

    so i think about what i’m doing. i’ve gotten into taking care of skin. when i wash my face or exfoliate or put on a purifying mask, i think i’m really in the moment when i do them.

    i need to do the wandering! your day sounds delightful!!! cool picture, too. 🙂


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