Finished and Signed ~ Acrylic Painting


Pink Flowering Bromeliad ~ acrylic on canvas by Cynthia Maniglia

Thank you for all of your feedback and “Likes” on my painting. After letting it sit, per the majority of comments, I decided the painting needed more definition and depth, as well as rearrangement of some of the leaves. Phthalo blue to the rescue! Plus a little lemon yellow here and there. I’m extremely happy with the outcome, as this painting reflects my love of plants and is the result of much time spent in the garden studying botanical life here in Florida. It also reflects over a year of watercolor painting, a medium many master artists used as a precursor to works in oil on canvas. I feel working in watercolor on large pieces of paper is too unwieldy for me, involves too much prep and needs costly framing to enjoy, so I prefer to work large on a stretched canvas surface. This is 19 1/2″ x 16″.

I’m thinking of adding a coat of vanish sealer on this. I’ve never used that before. Anyone have experience with it?

Thanks again to all those who chimed in with your thoughts!

Happy Valentine’s Day

20 thoughts on “Finished and Signed ~ Acrylic Painting

  1. Really beautiful painting. I varnish all of my paintings to give them a protective coat and I also like the look of a nice gloss varnish on my pieces. But you can also get it in a mat finish if you don’t like gloss. I usually do 3-4 thin coats letting each coat dry before applying the next coat. I use Liquitex and Golden products on my acrylic paintings. Hope this is helpful info.

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    1. Oh, very helpful indeed, Janell! Thanks for the tips and information about the brands you use, as well as how you do it. I must pick up some varnish. I think I’d like gloss on this one. Cheers!

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