Tangerines and Star Fruit

Tangerines and Star Fruit.jpg

How lucky we are to have such generous neighbors who share the bounty of their gardens with us! The other morning, a simple chat over a wooden fence with my neighbor in the morning while I was out walking my dog resulted in my coming home with a large bag of fruit. The tangerines had fallen from the trees due to the heavy winds from a recent storm. Would I like some? But of course! The star fruit need a little more ripening. “Just put them in a bowl and let them sit a while on the counter. They will be ready when they’re more of a yellow color. The yellower, the better.” They’re still ripening.

My painting is a little off kilter. The coffee mug is a little crooked – but I like when there’s a slight shift of perspective in a painting that is not meant to be photorealistic but rather more impressionistic and stylistic. I drew and painted it in two nightly sessions.

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