In the calm before the storm


A tornado watch is in effect where I live. So earlier today I went outside and cut some blooms to place in vases. This way, I’d have something in front of me to paint. Yellow snapdragon, fern lavender, and buds on a sprig from a bush near our patio. The little glass dish next to my sketchbook holds taramind seeds. It’s one of the several exotic fruits and strange new things I’ve tried since I moved here to Florida from PA. One of the other things is boiled peanuts, which I kind of like. I’d have them again, actually

Watercolor, watercolor pencil, graphite pencil, marker.


14 thoughts on “In the calm before the storm

    1. It’s not very heavy paper, you are right! The paper is a little thicker than the other sketchbooks I have which are like newsprint paper. This one is heavier for mixed media, so it can handle some (not a lot) of wet media. Thanks, Shawn!


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