Painting at Selby Gardens

Work in progress by the koi pond

The koi fish symbolizes good fortune, success, prosperity, longevity, courage,  ambition, and perseverance.




Koi in Pond ~ watercolor and watercolor pencils on 140 lb. cold-pressed paper


Perfect day for painting en plein air at Selby Gardens in Florida today! Not too hot, not too sunny. I could have stayed all day to create more. Isn’t this purple and pink flowering plant AMAZING? It’s my favorite one at the botanical gardens. A man watched me paint the koi and thought it was well done. “Oh, I can do better than this!” I said. He said he’s tried and couldn’t do it at all. Well, I tried not to pack too many art supplies when I went out today, thinking “Don’t work, play. You’re going on a little jaunt.” Trying not to sit too much, I did get in some walking and visited the rainforest garden, where they have these AWESOME Tarzan-would-swing-from vines.


I wish I lived right next door to the gardens; I’d be there every day! There are so many interesting things to see around every corner.


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  1. I’d say your Koi fish have brought you good fortune in giving you this beautiful garden to paint! Your paintings are wonderful, Cynthia. And thank you for sharing your beautiful photos too!!! 😃🐠💕

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