After Gardening

Painting the backyard after gardening, Cynthia Maniglia.jpg

I’ve been thinking of signing up for a watercolor class at a local botanical garden, as well as volunteering there. After gardening in our own yard, I decided to sit down with a glass of water in the living room and paint what I saw looking out of the lanai and into the backyard. No need to go anywhere special to paint, I thought. It’s not where or what I paint, it’s how I paint it. This is done in watercolor with an expressionistic style. The colors evoke the feel of fall in Florida, for me. I used my Reeves travel pan set and the brush that came with it, although I find it best to use different brushes when painting. This was a good exercise in trying to shape a scene and composition using different kinds of brush strokes. A quick 15 minute exercise.

12 thoughts on “After Gardening

  1. love this! full of – mood, emotion, atmosphere! the feeling of the place is so evident in this, and it sings.
    This, is So Lovely Cynthia.
    clear, clean, colorful and with a beautiful clarity of tonal ranges.


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