Tea Party

Blue and White teacup with flowers ~ Sand Salt Moon
Blue and White teacup with flowers ~ Sand Salt Moon

My friend at work is having a tea party next weekend, and I want to use my artwork to create a unique gift for her. I am thinking of giving her a stack of these small cards depicting different colored and patterned teacups and sauces with bouquets of flowers inside the cups. I may scan them and have one printed at CVS in the form of a print of whatever else I can have made there. This is going to be a fun project for me to play with in the coming days.

This blue and white tea cup was created using my glass dip pen, which you can see off to the side (for fine lines), watercolor, ink, and marker.

I was amazed how white the cup came out just working off the principle of light and dark contrast without having to actually resort to white paint for that! I created depth in the flowers with a dark purple (close to indigo) marker, filling in the spaces.

My original thought was these could be little postcards – if I did it all in waterproof ink, but once I realized the paper’s weight was a little on the thinner side, I decided to go ahead and use watercolor, etc. – non-permanent media.

How do you like your tea?


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