Updated Autumn Harvest designs

Autumn Havest - green background social.jpg
Fall colors, “Autumn Harvest” – available on Spoonflower

I always loved fall’s prettier colors – the yellows, oranges, purples, and – of course – magentas. So I played around with my Affinity Designer program using Spoonflower’s September weekly prompt ~ “Autumn Harvest.” I created a digital design, using paint brushes in the Affinity Designer program. (How do you like my Indian corn? When I was growing up, my parents always hung a bunch of ornamental corn by the front door, and there were always pumpkins, too, when autumn came to town.)

Above is the “Up North” traditional fall color palette for this design. Originally, I created it  with lots of pinks and purples, which I thought was unusual but didn’t really get the corn and pumpkins to stand out enough and I wanted more contrast … more warmth. Below, you can see the original with the pink background. I’ve decided to call it “Down South” Autumn Harvest …

Original design with pinks and purples

Continuing to push the envelope, here’s another colorway which I am calling “Tropical” Autumn Harvest, and I think I like it the very best!


"Tropical" Autumn Havest.jpgAnd here it is in watercolor, a version I did before creating the digital designs. I left out the cherries, the apples, the slice of pie in the lower right, and pear in the digital version. There was only so much I could “paint” with my mouse!

Watercolor Autumn Harvest | Sand Salt Moon 2016.jpg


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  1. I love everything about it 🙂 The corn, the colors, the craftsy collage effect and the digital feel! Need to find out more about digital collage.


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