Red Violet Bombay Ink

Watercolor with Bombay Ink | Sand Salt MoonI recently ordered a set of Dr. Ph. Martin Bombay Inks, which I played around with using a glass dip pen, but tonight I wanted to use them as watercolor and experimented with mark making in my sketchbook by dipping my medium round brush into the bottle of ink, then watering it down in a well on my palette.

A single dip in the ink bottle resulted in a page full of marks. The red violet color is so pretty! It’s the only color I used on this page.

Bombay inks dry to a permanence that cannot be lifted or blended on the paper but can be layered and many or most of the colors in two sets made by Dr. Ph. Martin are transparent. I noticed that the set I bought (Set 2) is good – containing many of the vivid colors I adore – but the other set (Set 1) has many other colors I’d really like to have on hand, especially opaque white!
Red Violet Bombay Ink Watercolor | Sand Salt Moon.jpg




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