The Duck

The Duck - work in progress, 1 of 3.jpg

Feeling a little meh last night, I painted a duck. I wasn’t happy with the background, so I cut it out. This morning, I pasted the watercolor duck onto a page of my Bee Paper Company sketchbook. I liked the softness of the watercolor background and realism, but I wanted to build it up with more color, so I did.

The Duck - work in progress, 2 of 3.jpg

I enjoyed adding the colors. My mood lifted.

Looking back on the photos, I kind of like the first one
and wouldn’t have minded if I stopped there.
But then I wouldn’t have had all the fun of adding all the colors …

The Duck socialThe Duck is collage, watercolor, acrylic, and marker
on paper in a Bee Paper Company sketchbook, 9″ x 9″.


16 thoughts on “The Duck

  1. I happened to spy your sweet duck on my phone moments after I saw the real thing – 2 ducks on a river near my workplace.
    It was delightful lunchtime synchronicity for me.
    Look up – see a duck.
    Look down – see a duck.
    Duck here.
    Duck there.

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    1. Lord Love a Duck! Ever hear that? Well, isn’t that just ducky? Another phrase. And lucky! Lucky ducky. So nice to hear … we’re on the same page so to speak, in the universe.

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  2. I am with jodi, I like the first and last, both such different looks but both work….the main thing is it cheered you up at the time, colour is so good at that, and look how much you produced from one duck, great idea to cut him out, I would never have thought about such a cool idea, when I am not happy with something in the future I will keep your idea in mind 😀😀

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