WP_20160805_001Here’s an idea I got from the World Watercolor Group, which for those of you who don’t know, is  what the July World Watercolor Month Facebook group morphed into this August and moving forward. Use a plastic pill holder to create a watercolor pan paint set! I had quite a few watercolor tube paints that I hadn’t been using but which I’d use way more if they were converted into a neat little travel set I could use en plein air. So I emptied a bunch of tubes and filled up the boxes. I decided to keep a few of my more costly and cherished QoR tube paints and just use this idea for the less expensive tubes.

Moths – watercolor, gesso, marker on sketchbook paper

After organizing my paints thus, I used what was left in a few of the tubes and made a little palette to paint with, and this is what I came up with … summer moths. I found a single moth on the glass doors leading to the balcony; it had been trapped upstairs for a day or so. I used one of my water jars to trap it (putting a piece of paper over the top of the glass), took it out to the balcony, and set it free.


Butterfly in sketchbook | Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon August 2016.jpg

Kind of on an insect kick now!



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    1. I am using a large plastic palette that you see in the photo. Yes, any one would do but it is something that might be needed – depending on if you prefer to mix on a plate/palette OR if you are ok letting the colors mix on the brush and page (I favor that!). Good question, thanks!

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      1. oh right! for some reason I thought you were showing your studio palette ….I agree I prefer on the brush and paper 🙂 though I get a little antsy sometimes so I use the palette to prep myself…..sounds funny…..why put it on the palette first and then over to the paper when I don’t really mix it there! depends on the paint and situation…..alright so I’ll be looking into this. 🙂

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