Back to the drawing board

After a whole month of watercolor, I’m wanting to get back to some basic sketching. I need to do more, but this was good to get the kinks and cobwebs out. However, I do have some Dr. Phil Martin watercolor inks on their way …


25 thoughts on “Back to the drawing board

  1. Aww doggy dreams, what a great model to sketch from, cute as ❀️❀️


      1. I’ve done a few collages in the past year … but not many. Assemblages – hmmm. If you love it, keep doing what you love! That’s what I think. It’s nice to be well versed, though. All depends on priorities and time in the day and mood of course too!

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      1. I can’t do black. I wish I could. Our black kitty passed about two years ago and I can’t draw him to save my neck. Outline only. White is second hardest after black, I think. Not impossible though, for sure. πŸ’œ


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