Bird and Feeder


Day 25 #WorldWatercolorMonth ~ "Bird and Feeder"
Day 25 #WorldWatercolorMonth ~ “Bird and Feeder”

It’s hard work painting poorly … this started off well, then was a major fail, so I rinsed it and went back over it … and at least I didn’t tear it up. I didn’t give up on it because I had to post something for today!


22 thoughts on “Bird and Feeder

  1. Now, if you hadn’t told us it was a feeder, my ‘reading’ of this painting is that it was a church with soft sunlight streaming down on its top from the top-left and the bird indicating spirit. How’s that? I like it!

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    1. The first part of it (the underpainting) was not loose and too light – that I rinsed and added all the darks and wet in wet color. It worked at the end, I enjoyed creating that looseness – thanks!

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      1. Thank you for sharing your art-making process. Mmm – that’s an intriguing paradox I can relate to. Working at looseness. Oh creative process can be so mysterious, don’t you think? The dance between structure/planning/intention and flow?!

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