More mushrooms in my sketchbook


They’re popping up everywhere in our yard. Here are some growing in and around a palm tree …WP_20160611_021.jpg

Mushrooms are pretty fascinating. I don’t know too much about them, but I see that we may have several different varieties on our property. I’m especially interested in these that are growing in the nooks and crannies of the palm tree bag. Guess I’ll Google that! Or do any of you know what these are?

I just received the current issue of Watercolor Artist magazine in our mailbox the other day. It’s inspiring me with all kinds of techniques, styles, and subject matter. Does anyone else subscribe to that magazine who reads my blog?


12 thoughts on “More mushrooms in my sketchbook

  1. Mushrooms…..they are quite amazing in the flesh and in art, mystical, magical, natural, abstract, uniform, ragged, perfect, colourful, dull, large, small, beautiful, dangerous… many possibilities to use them to our advantage in art. You have really found something special in these fungi, I am picking natural beauty.

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