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“Summer Fireworks” – marker and digital – Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon

Last night, I played around with my markers and created a floral design in Blue and Orange that I then imported to my Affinity Designer digital program and layered to come up with what I am calling “Summer Fireworks.” Here is the straight marker image, before I digitized it …

Blue and Orange
Blue and Orange – marker – Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon

And another little piece I was playing around with, just with markers …

dashy dots
Dashy Dots – marker – Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon

32 thoughts on “Summer Fireworks

  1. Wow, this one is a stunner! You have me sold on digital art, Cynthia. Never thought I’d see that day come, but you have convinced me! This piece is a real beaut! This will sail off the shelves in your shop! Wow!!


    1. Thank you, Laura. I use the digital program to layer the initial image here – three layers. I didn’t painting or do anything other than change the layering and recolor two of the layers (one yellow, another a reddish orange). It is fun!

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      1. Thanks, Laura – good question! Well, the marker images I made the night before, after dinner – then, before I went to bed, I started using the digital program and made two layers. I passed a few color variations past my sweetie to see what he liked. I saved the digital document with the two layers I thought were going in the right direction and in the morning, I played around with it and then when I added the third layer, I said – “That’s it!” It’s more fun than painstaking, I’d say. I rely on what I see in the end. But in the middle, when I wasn’t sure, it was good to have another eye/opinion. So to answer your initial question, I can’t really say how long it took – maybe estimating 2 1/2 hours, more or less. I don’t know.

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      2. OK, thanks. Why did I think it would be faster? How long does it take to make one layer? Is it the combining and layering that takes time? Not sure if making one layer is pretty much just clicking a button? Since I know nothing about this. Sorry for the dumb questions.


      3. To make one layer takes as long as one wants to make it. Depends on what you do to the layer image digitally. The combining and layering takes time – again depending on what you do with it. Sometimes I am spending time looking at it different ways to decide which way I want to go with it. Making a layer might involving “clicking” one button or two or fifty. I can change the white balance, the levels, the opacity, the size, the direction of the image, the cropping, the type of layering (normal, hue, saturation, negation, etc.) – so there’s a lot of things involved in utilizing the digital program. Or not. It can be as complex or easy as one makes it. Hope that is helpful! You really need to try it to know.

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  2. these are lovely! I quite like the dashy dots with the pinks and yellows in it and white spaces balancing the pattern. Very cool. And the blue and orange has such a wonderful design layout as well 🙂
    The ‘affinity designer’ is totally greek to me!! you could be talking microsurgery on the brain….


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