Margie’s Chicken

Margie's Chicken ~ Acrylic and dry pastel ~ Sand Salt Moon | Cynthia Maniglia
Margie’s Chicken ~ Acrylic and dry pastel ~ Sand Salt Moon | Cynthia Maniglia

Hi! Well, spurred on by Laura (createarteveryday) who is experimenting with colors and abstracts in acrylics, I decided to make my foray finally into acrylics and crack open the set I bought way back around the New Year. It was tough going at first and I got a little impatient and decided to mix mediums and pulled out my chalk pastels to get the image going a little more. I finished with impasto using my favorite Premium Gesso Canvas Primer as the final layer of chicken feathers. What you can’t see are all the layers underneath the gesso of Cerulean Blue and Violet. Due to the pastels, I will probably have to fix it with a spray – going to let it dry thoroughly and see.

AND … lo and behold, I’ve found a wonderful color in my inexpensive Artist’s Loft set of 24 colors which I absolutely adore and want to use more, more, more of. It is Unbleached Titanium, a color I plucked out of the set, accidentally, thinking it was Naples Yellow. It’s a fantastic pale white-beige, and I can see myself using this color A LOT for beach scenes and white flowers and skies …


Notes:  Margie’s Chicken  was painted on a square Artist’s Loft canvas board, size 8″ x 8″, using Artist’s Loft acrylic paints: Ivory Black, Light Green, Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Violet, Cerulean Blue, Burnt Sienna, Deep Yellow, White Gesso, and a similar palette of chalk pastels.

34 thoughts on “Margie’s Chicken

  1. Lovely chicken! YAY Cynthia for experimenting with acrylics! I like how you gave the feathers texture with the gesso. I have been adding soft pastels to my acrylic paintings too and found that Krylon makes a Low Odor Clear Spay in Matte or Gloss that keeps the vibrancy of your pastels when you fix it. Some of the fixatives mute the colors I have found. Thought you might find this helpful if you choose to fix the pastels. 🙂 I hope you paint the baby chicks some day too! 🙂

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      1. It depends on the look you want. I purchased gloss because I was using gloss medium to glue my collage papers. However, I prefer matte because I don’t like it so shiny. I suggest you try them both on a scrap piece of paper to see which one you like. They were pretty reasonable priced at $5.62 a can I think at Hobby Lobby – if you have one of those stores and you can also go online to get their coupon. Hope this helps. 🙂

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    1. Maybe it’s available from eBay! Not sure how the turkey mum and chicks are today – I missed my chance to see them. But I hope to peek in on them tomorrow. The pastel kind of saved me with this one, thanks.

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    1. Thanks, Czarsmom! : ) Chickens are interesting now to me because my neighbors have a bunch of them. I need to go see how the chicks are doing … Glad you like animal paintings!


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