Pineapple Top

OMG, I just kind of surprised myself with this final digitized image of my Pineapple Top piece. It’s going up on my Society6 online shop shortly – and stand by for a great NEW promotion, beginning tomorrow, if you’re interested in my designs on a variety of cool merch.

pineapple top by cynthia maniglia low res
Pineapple Top by Cynthia Maniglia | Sand Salt Moon | watercolor and digital, finished piece



28 thoughts on “Pineapple Top

  1. I guessed right πŸ™‚ I thought it looked like a pineapple behind it all, very nice! I really like the transparency element present in most of your work!

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  2. This is fantastic, it makes me want to combine photoshop with my original art, I don’t seem to be able to see all of the post , as more is appearing in the email ….photos of the layers, but I can’t actually see them when I open your post, and half of the script is missing compared to the email? Never mind, technology! I was excited to see the layers before you digitally layered them. This is very impressive and the pineapple is perfect for this technique ❀️

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  3. stunning Cynthia, love that pop of color! the teal and rose match up brilliantly.
    How you do this on a smartphone, is beyond, my comprehension. totally amazing!!!
    Great work. It looks fabulous on Soc6 too πŸ™‚

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