Flamingo Love

Art Print – Sand Salt Moon on Society6
iPhone Slim Case – Sand Salt Moon on Society6
Pillows indoor and outdoor – Sand Salt Moon on Society6

New pattern in my Society6 shop ~ Flamingos! They’re very much “on trend” this season. You’ll find them on everything from clothing to house ware. And of course, they’re always “in” ’round here – in Florida!


23 thoughts on “Flamingo Love

  1. I did sweater designs with flamingos and palm trees one season long ago. So much fun working with the colors and shapes! Your design flows beautifully. (K)

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      1. Hmmm. Interesting. I don’t love holding onto fear. I fear though. I let go. And that is fearful too many – most – times. But the rewards are growth and wisdom, I think. : )

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  2. A pink paradise. This has taken me back to my teenage years, as a friend of mine had parents that kept flamingos, they had some hatch one summer, and one of the chicks had to be brought inside as it was poorly, funny little thing, it made some pretty strange noises too.


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