Watercolor Wildflowers

watercolor wildflowers for wall tapestry.jpg
Watercolor Wildflowers by Cynthia Maniglia


Here’s an example of how I took a page from my watercolor sketchbook of delicate flowers and turned it into a pattern for Society6 using Affinity Designer.

To create the pattern in Affinity Designer, I worked with two to three layers using scans of the original artwork and blended the layers with various opacity, varying the size and orientation of the images, until I was happy with the final image.

watercolor wildflowers close up
Close-up of Watercolor Wildflower pattern by Cynthia Maniglia

13 thoughts on “Watercolor Wildflowers

  1. I love the colors and sunny-ness of this!

    I’ll never understand the technical aspects of getting a piece of art ready for Society6…I can’t seem to make my art big enough for anything other than prints. #technochallenged 😉

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