Playing around in my studio

pink and yellow rose by cynthia maniglia social.jpgrose garden social.jpg

“There’s always room for improvement.” Or is there? Knowing when to improve and when not to and move on is key for any artist. This afternoon, I had time to play around with my rose artwork from the other day and make some improvements. Bolder color, more definition, better movement – I’m happy now with the results. And that helps me move onto the next project with excitement. I’m excited to see “what happens next.”

The rain has finally come to Florida. It had been quite dry and we badly needed a good watering – we meaning the flowers and I. I can’t wait to see what pops up in the garden. Today, I purchased a packet of “easy sow” lavender seeds. How nice it would be to have a whole field full of lavender! More a French countryside thing than a Florida thing, I suppose.

Anyway, here’s a look inside my studio and what I’ve been playing around with after the roses …WP_20160402_125.jpgWP_20160402_034.jpgWP_20160402_045(1).jpgWP_20160402_104.jpg

Giant Hibicus

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