Sweets for the Sweetest

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Sweets for the Sweetest | Cynthia Maniglia

I posted this earlier. But it was half-baked. Now the cupcakes are finished. The cupcake holder from the bakery provided a perfect container to use while doing my watercolor painting. I had an individual water well for each color. And the pastel colored water was almost as pretty as the real cupcakes …WP_20160226_064.jpgWP_20160226_059.jpg

Half baked!

26 thoughts on “Sweets for the Sweetest

  1. So beautiful! I have a question: What kind of watercolour paints do you use? I have no clue about quality of paints. I have a couple of trays of Prang ones, and a tray of Reeves. One day, I compared the two brands on paper, and the Reeves ones came out brighter while using less paint. Are there other brands that are even better quality without spending a ton of money (for a beginner)? And wide variety of colours? I love bright colours. Thanks!


    1. Hi, Colleen! Thank you. I have two Reeves travel palettes, two sets of kids paints that don’t even have a name on them (one is quite old and I haven’t been able to replace it exactly, I don’t think it’s made any more) which I favor due to the variety of colors. I have Reeves and some Winsor and Newton as well as QorR (a brand I recommend for vibrant colors) tube watercolors that I use too. Koi is good I hear and not too expensive. For savings on art supplies, go to Cheap Joe’s online – if you’re in the US, here’s a link http://us7.campaign-archive2.com/?u=98baaea91be5e662ffa3a8fe0&id=76701dc956&e=e99cf49340. Hope this is helpful!


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