Painting on the Patio

Catch Me If You Cactus.jpg
“Catch Me If You Cactus” – CYNTHIA MANIGLIA

Digital print created from watercolor elements.

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This afternoon, my sweetie was peering out at me in the garden and he said, “Today is a 10!” He often gives my good cooking at dinner time a “10” when he really loves what I’ve made. But he never says if it’s a 9, 8, or less. He’s very kind. And I’m a pretty good cook most of the time. So I decided after gardening and baking a quiche AND a pot pie this afternoon to paint on the patio. The weather in Florida today is outstanding. I wish every day were this pleasant. And many days are. But the rainy season will come and I look forward to seeing how the yard and garden are going to change. For now, I’m content. We’ve weeded, rescued, replanted and landscaped, finding new homes for Sago palms, mint, and pineapple plants. We’ve even propagated some bougainvilleas. It’s dinner time now. I’m going to join my sweetie and have a bite to eat. Good day!

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