Imaginary Landscape

Painting a palmy landscape from my imagination, I created a scene in mixed media using watercolors, pastels and gesso on 140 lb. cold pressed paper. I digitally added a yellow reflection to the water and bumped up the color. My original artwork is much softer.

Scan 1
Dripping Palms ~ imaginary landscape, mixed media (watercolor, pastels, and gesso on 140 lb. cold pressed paper with digital enhancement) – Cynthia Maniglia

This is the version I like the best. Here are the original and a second version, cooler version. Creating this was fun and involved several layers. I like working like this because there are no rules, no reference photos, just the color on the paper, and the results are always surprising.

Scan copy
Dripping palms – original (watercolor, pastel, gesso on paper) – Cynthia Maniglia
Cooler version – Dripping Palms – Cynthia Maniglia
Dripping Palms – night – Cynthia Maniglia

33 thoughts on “Imaginary Landscape

  1. Wow, these are so vibrant but what I really love is the texture and layering! I love how you can shift your style, you have such an amazing range!


  2. Fantastic abstract – I really like the vibrancy of color and composition of this painting. Really wonderful work.


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