Walking Around The Yard

Walking around the Florida yard with my mini Moleskin, I quickly sketched a few of the plants I saw, enjoying the fine weather and sun. I came inside and added some color to my sketches, then photographed them outside, and here are my quick studies for your viewing pleasure.

Cactus flower – Moleskin sketch – pencil and marker
Oleander pod and cactus – pencil and marker
Aloe Vera – pencil, marker and pastels



16 thoughts on “Walking Around The Yard

    1. It is sculptural (I’ll have to try to draw the whole thing) and the neighbors were over yesterday and like it so much they took starter pieces with little roots to plant in their yards! They did say it was rare here.

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  1. Thank you for inspiring me with your sketches, Cynthia. I feel the sunshine! I would like to do more nature sketches in my journal too. Yours are all so lovely. xo

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